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Wholemeal Orzo 500 gr - Theros

Wholemeal Orzo 500 gr - Theros
Wholemeal Orzo 500 gr - Theros
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A type of thin pasta that has received its name due to its resemblance to the barley seed, made from 100% wholemeal semolina. Nobody can resist it when he sees and smells it cooked in the oven as giouvetsi with veal or lamb, as well as in kritharotto with poultry or seafood.Boiling time:  7 Min

INGREDIENTS Wholemeal semolina from durum wheat,eggs,milk
Nutritional Table - Average Nutritional Values /100g
Carbohydrates 66.8 gr
Fat 4.0 gr
Fibre 8.3 gr
Of which saturated 1.6 gr
Of which sugars 20 gr
Protein 13.1 gr
Salt 0.2 gr
Energy 1494kj/356kcal