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Large Hylopites 500 gr - Theros

Large Hylopites 500 gr - Theros
Large Hylopites 500 gr - Theros
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The most traditional Greek pasta, which in some parts of Peloponnese is also called ‘’toutoumakia’’, sliced in big squares. It can be cooked mainly in the oven with meat, but also in a pot as a soup.Boiling time : 9 Min

INGREDIENTS Durum wheat semolina,eggs,milk
Nutritional Table - Average Nutritional Values /100g
Carbohydrates 72.7 gr
Fat 3 gr
Fibre 4.6 gr
Of which saturated 1.2 gr
Of which sugars 15.4 gr
Protein 11.6 gr
Salt 0.15 gr
Energy 1581kj/373kcal

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