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Agiorgitiko 750 ml - Agrea Foods

Agiorgitiko 750 ml - Agrea Foods
Agiorgitiko 750 ml - Agrea Foods
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Dry Rose Wine

PGE Corinthia

Grape plot: Selected vineyard of mountainous regions of Nemea at an altitude of 800m.

Vinification: Stay with the grape must about 10 hours and temperature pressure, fermentation at 20 C˚.

Characteristics: Rose flavour, explosive nose & fruit scents with impressive glow. Served at 12 -14 C˚.

Gorgeous escort to whitesauced pasta, pizzas, risotti, fish of red flesh or tender pale filet, poultry, salads/snacks with mushrooms/truffles/rocket/spearmint and so on. 

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