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Corinthia, an ancient land with a long, time honored history referenced in many stories, ancient myths and historic deeds,  has been our family’s home for many decades.  Nested in this fertile part  of the  Peloponnese peninsula, our agrarian estates steeped in tradition and history have raised us with love and  caring for the wellbeing of its people and nature.

As we were taught by our elders and fellow villagers, exactly in the same manner, diligence and courtesy, we continue cultivating the soil with affection, thus producing fruits of quality and ingenuity.

Owning an area of 50.000 sq.meters that is made up of vineyards , more than 2000 olive trees as well as additional  land plots for various agricultural products, we dig, plant, prune, thresh and crop while respecting our traditions  dictating respect for the sanctity of health, the importance of taste and  the magic of rejuvenation.

We therefore strive to bring to  modern society all our cultural heritage and farming legacy, our interaction with the earth, our people, our seeds, blossoms, flowers and fruit.

In addition to the produce from our lands, we also provide various delicacies and products provided from colleagues active in other Hellenic regions. Always, our bottom line remains the same: To offer optimal choices in qualityand taste.  We strive to maintain these rigorous standards for all our products


We chose the name Agrea from the ancient Greek “Agra”. Our objective is to realize the meaning of “Agra” in all its dimensions!  This primordial word connotates the pursue of game and hunt prey, but also vision and targets in general, thus pushing us through inspiration to likewise achieve superb quality in gentle manner, related to farm goods we create and promote:

Such healthy and tasty products, furnished upon best service platforms from the very moment we dispatch them from our working fields, are orientated towards a certain mission.   To reach a broad spectrum of common people and in particular kids, which we cherish especially. We want to see them grow strong and balanced, in grace and blessing similar to that depicted upon our logo, which shows a female figure of Mother Earth springing high and defolding in vitality from the terrestrial realm!


Agrea is one of the names attributed by the ancient greeks to Artemis, the goddess of forests and protectress of nature. One of the meanings of Agra, is the nurture and growth of seeds from the earth;  synonymous to farming, and cultivating, it runs refers to activities such as the harvesting of farm plots, fields, acres and pastures as well as hunting and trapping in the wild forests. These activities therefore encompass the entirety of the greek land of mountains, valleys, creeks, slopes, grazing meadows and fertile fields and thus idirectly referencesbiblical land of the Promised Eden, where honey and milk flow. The lands of Greece   and in particularCorinthian ones are therefore famous as a veritable Eden  where bees, cattle, olive groves, vineyards, orchards, and wildlife flourish in  abundance and providing its people with a multitude of natural and healthy wellfare , reflecting the best of Mediterranean nutrition.

Agrea is one of the adjectives used by ancient Greeks to call Artemis (Latin Diana), the goddess of forests and protector of natural world.  It is actually said that agra, meaning hunt, also connoted to the pursue of any offspring from earth, be it an animal or an agrarian product; as synonym to farming, or even cultivating, it runs through all activities related to collecting goods from plots, fields, acres and pastures, while its nuance of wilderness brings to mind the rough terrain, its untamed features and coarse beauty.  This is in practice the bucolic environment around our rustic properties, full of mountains, valleys, creeks, slopes, grazing meadows and fertile tracks, whereupon matches a resemblance to the biblical land of the Promised Eden, where honey and milk flow.  Truly, equal semantics emerge to all Greek places and especially our Corinthian ones, where bees, cattle, olive groves, vineyards, orchards, herbs etc flourish in genuity and abundance, providing the folks with ideal health & wellbeing, in the mode of Mediterranean nutrition.

Our logo was chosen accordingly as we are in a unique position to support its ideals, since our chosen careers, are focused all in the agricultural activities that are mentioned.   All Agrea managers and employees are well experienced in their chosen branches, equiped both with a strong academic background and  on-the-job experience. They are therefore comfortable to tackle any problems present in any stage of the production process.  From faculties of food technology, hygiene, chemistry, system approach etc (ie from Teesside University, UK), the highly trained and educated staff draws inspiration, know how and strength from master degrees, diplomas or certificates in equivalent sectors. Thus we are able to maintain the highest quality, taste and  standards, promoting local nectars and ambrosias to the general public and foremostly to children nurturing their  growth and hapiness!

Our local products are reflected and symbolised in many myths of numerous ancient Greek deities, such as Athena on olives, Dionysos on wine, Demetra on cereals, Hestia on family values, Asclepios  on medicine and so on...

We felt the stimulation at once.  The visual reference to the central logo's formal terrestrial features has been the core of our design method.
Using preparation sketches as springboard towards diving into the final articulation, we tried several visualization concepts, including the capture of its essence as an idea, the motivation to each team member to express her/his view thereupon and the overall data processing, due to benchmarks we'd already set in the first place. The whole designation deed has been targeting concrete cliental interests, after a conscious or even subconscious filtering of a really huge information volume. To crystallize its application finalities, we played along a combination of images, layouts and words. All elements are created in a spirit of simplicity, which enhances the logo's graphic high abstractive value.   Our aim is that its communication reaches out to a multitude of people eager and able to understand it, though they may belong to different cultures, perceptions or behavioral types.
Branding AGREA helped us to define – all the most eloquently – the visual origin of our products/goods from the letters GR (Greece = Hellas).  Purely Hellenic product.
Johny Ververidis (logo designer)

"Fantastic scheme, bright idea, wise connotation associating the brand to agrarian products through vegetation, extrapolating also to realms of archaistic semantics, euphoria myths, reblossom of earth and health, folklore tradition and so on!"

Natasa Kalaitzidou, concaltro Choir of the Municipality of Athens

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