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Brand: Goji Spirit Model: SAUGJT0200001
Α delicious gourmet superfood sauce that pairs Mediterranean tomato & oregano aroma with the superfood Goji Berry, ready for consumption or culinary preps that rocks in pasta, pizza, braised, meat, vegetables, snacks and saganaki.Suitable for vegans and diabetics, gluten-freeNo sugar and pr..
Brand: Theros Model: TSASPC0350001
Ideal for fans of spicy tastes, this spicy tomato sauce will help you create the most delicious shrimp and seafood pasta dishes. The special taste of red pepper but mint as well makes this sauce unique and can be used not only on any type of pasta, but over baked vegetables or even as a spread on wa..
Brand: Theros Model: TSABAS0350001
The most classic and traditional recipe for a fresh tomato sauce, with fragrant basil and oregano, onion and garlic. Suitable for all types of pasta and ideal  to combine it with a little extra fresh olive oil after draining the pasta of your choice, as well as a spoonful of grated cheese of yo..
Brand: Theros Model: TSAOLI0350001
A particular combination of fresh Greek olive and caper, that along with the taste of tomato, gives you the chance to enjoy the most special spaghetti dishes of the Mediterranean  diet. Ideally you can add a little freshly sliced parsley at serving .Taste it cold or hot with pasta, rice, potato..
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