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Brand: Μοιρώτσος Model: LEGCKP0500001
The soil composition of Velos Evia is suitable for the growth of chickpeas. The local producers apply excellent practices and we get fruits that are sprouted and delicious...
Brand: Μοιρώτσος Model: LEGFAV0500001
Beans are high in protein and low in fat. A natural food source with high amounts of dietary fiber...
Brand: Μοιρώτσος Model: LEGFBE0500001
The variety is traditional, the beans are climbing (rods), sprouting and very tasty...
Brand: Μοιρώτσος Model: LEGGBE0500001
Beans Giant domestic: a Greek variety of high quality, thin-skinned and easy to prepare. We chose delicious and sprouting giants ideal for the oven...
Brand: Μοιρώτσος Model: LEGFAK0500001
Lentils are traditionally grown in Velos, Evia. They are delicious and boil quickly...
Brand: Μοιρώτσος Model: LEGMED0500001
The beans are small in white color and are harvested in Velos, Evia to make the most delicious traditional bean soup...
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