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Brand: Asopia Model: DRVSLT0230001
Raisins come from the dehydration of grapes and belong to the category of fruits, although they are often included in nuts.In the past, raisins were a staple of the diet due to their highly beneficial properties.Roman healers suggested raisins as a cure for everything. For diseases, for food poisoni..
Brand: Genuine Tastes Model: BIOBLG0002001
Greek Organic Garlic 3 months old. No additives. Sweet and smoky taste, leaves no stench after. More antioxidants thanraw...
Brand: Genuine Tastes Model: BIOBDB4001
Bold and healthy, a taste that will be unforgettable.Banana is one of the most popular fruits in the world and may have been the first fruit to be grown in history. Crete is known for its organic agricultural production, so it is not surprising that it is also one of the best places to find organic ..
Brand: Genuine Tastes Model: BIOSDF0150001
Dried without any chemical process. They retain a higher percentage of moisture than usual in the market and more naturaltheir taste and aroma...
Brand: Genuine Tastes Model: BIOSDT0150001
We would call it "sun-dried" but it is produced in our dryers, not in the sun. No added salt, no oil. Ready to eat, no needimmersion in water. Limited production quantities...
Brand: Genuine Tastes Model: BIOOUO0200001
Dried organic olives prepared and packaged without preservatives. Absolutely natural product reminiscent of the olive that ripens on the tree (hama ides or chamoelies). Natural olive flavor, without oil, salt or other additive...
Brand: Genuine Tastes Model: DRVPBG0050001
The ultimate seasoning for the most demanding palates. Powdered Organic Black Garlic will elevate your dishes to Michelin star levels ..
Brand: Genuine Tastes Model: DRVPWG0050001
White garlic powder, full of smell and taste. Made from Greek Garlic in very mild processing conditions, white garlic powder has kept smell of fresh garlic and its oils. With a teaspoon corresponding to a clove of garlic...
Brand: Genuine Tastes Model: HESGAC0020001
Granny Smith apple, cut like a tornado, dried and crunchy. Less than 80 calories per bag, sweet and sour pleasure for all hours...
Brand: Genuine Tastes Model: HESRAC0020001
A red apple cut like a tornado, dried. Without added sugar, This sweet temptation with less than 80 calories is the ultimate on-the-go snack...
Brand: Genuine Tastes Model: DRVPDT0050001
Our tomato, dried and grated into powder, for easier handling in the kitchen. Delicious flavor enhancer...
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